This Is The Demonstration Main Page. There's A Lot To Read And Play With.
Take Your Time, This Is A Unique Service I Created, It's Unlike Anything Else.
This Interactive Demo Shows You The Capabilities Of An Actual Membership.

This is the demo main page, from here you can use the four buttons at the bottom of the screen to quickly and easily navigate the process of creating great ads and landing pages and submitting them to the Zapp database.

The first button will return you to this page, this is the demonstration main page.

The second button is where you go to see the selection or templates for making ads and landing pages.

The third button is where you go to submit your link to the Zapp database, you can submit the link from an ad or landing page that you created with the Zapp Creation Tools or you can submit a link of your own and remember, I encourage the use of an ad tracker.

The forth button is for my Support Desk, members with any questions or comments could just click-it, read-it and submit a ticket and I'd get back to you real quick.

All of the video ads and the video landing pages are locked in a secure area on the server, except the demos, I do that so people don't come here and use the landing pages for other advertising, the templates require you to log-in to the member's area and create them, and then the server moves the data file into an external folder outside of the member's area, otherwise the viewer would have to log-in to see your ads and landing pages.

Alright, that covers it. Read everything you can, I put the words out there to help you, not for decoration. If you read everything and take your time you'll do well.

I wish you the best in all your ventures,


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