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Welcome new member! You got here because you received the welcome letter I sent you that has your username, password, and log-in link inside. I asked you to save that in a safe place. The safest way is to create a folder inside your email account and label it something like "Welcome Letters" and put it in there. Gmail and Hotmail aren't going anywhere, your Welcome Letter will be safe forever. Here's a screenshot from my Hotmail account showing emails, receipts, and downloads that I saved dating back to 2003 and they're still in there and they always will be. If you lose your login there is a service charge for me to recover it for you.

As per my Terms of Service policy that you indicated you read, understood, and would comply with when you checked the box on the membership registration page, you're required to do certain things. The main 3 are you have to be on my mailing list, you have to read 2 of my letters per week, and you can't use a pop-up blocker. If you break our agreement your ads will be deleted. There's no reason I should hold up my end of the deal if you don't.

If you need help I have the Client Services Support Desk, there is a link at the bottom of every page. If you need to go there, please take the time to read the entire page and follow the instructions, there is a fee for support and when you pay the fee in advance I'll reply to your ticket, if you don't then I won't. If I determine that a fee shouldn't be required then I'll refund it back to you, the reason I ask for it is because if you read everything and follow my instructions you won't ever need support.

A reseller license is available for a one time fee of $297. You'll provide a domain name of your choice and I'll build and host your WhatZapp™ sales page, Demonstrations, Video Ad and Video Landing Page Creator, as well as the WhatZapp™ Submitter on my secure server space. I'll set your site up to pay you 100% of your sales and it's paid instantly to your Stripe® or PayPal® account. Anyone you sell to can use my support desk if they need to. All you need to do is take your sales page out into the world and promote it, when you sell a membership you'll verify the buyers payment and click the approve button in your membership manager. I'll set it all up and if you ever have any question you can use the support desk to talk to me.

Well, that covers it, you bookmarked this page, you saved the welcome letter, you read, understood, and agreed to comply with my policies, and if you need help, I'm here for you. I took the time to write it all out in detail for you and you should in turn take the time to read every word you see, I put them there to help you, not for decoration. 😎 Use the links below to navigate the site.

I wish you the best in all your ventures,

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